Black Skirt Tetra

Black Skirt Tetra Care, Feeding, Breeding & Tank Mates

If you are new to keeping fish in captivity, you can try the Black Skirt Tetra to begin with. Not only will it swim gracefully in your tank, but also be easy to take care of. Keep on reading to know anything about this beautiful fish. A Black Skirt Tetra, also known as Gymnocorymbus ternetzi, …

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American Flagfish

American Flagfish Complete Care and Breeding Guide

One of the reasons why some people are eager to keep fishes in a tank is that they like the soothing scene of swimming fish. What makes it better is colorful fishes swimming around the plants like the American flagfish. A Quick Background on the American Flagfish The American flagfish, also known as Cyprindon floridae, …

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African Leaf Fish

African Leaf Fish Care and Breeding Guide

African leaf fish have been quite popular among hobbyists lately due to their unique patterns and behavior. If you are planning to keep ALF at home, you need to get to know them. Origin As the name suggests, African leaf fish are indigenous to West Africa where you can find some slow-moving rivers. Slow-moving rivers …

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Moray Eel Bite

Dangers Of A Moray Eel Bite

Moray eels are a relatively common species, typically found in freshwater or brackish habitats. Typically, this fish prefers to head into the warmer waters, sticking to the shallow areas, close to the shore or reefs. Their distinctive shapes have made them instantly identifiable, with many people opting to keep them as pets. But, in the …

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